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Our telemarketers find your new clients

So you have no leads and want us to conquer a market share for you? We make the scripts needed to call your future clients, find the leads and engage the first contact. Depending on what you want us to do, we can book a meeting for you, send information and follow-up, close sales or invite for seminars or similar. Telemarketing still today is very efficient when done properly. We are professionals and deliver results to your campaign.

Buy your next leads from us

Do you need qualified leads for your next direct mail campaign? We are specialized in Danish direct mail leads but sell leads from all over the world. Set your criteria like gender, title, net worth, turnover and more, and receive a list in Excel- or a CSV-format that you can use in your next campaign. If you need we can also call the leads and verify specific information about the company before you send out your direct mails. This optimizes your results and gives you more value for money.

Build a valuable emailing list

Do you have an useful emailing list where you can share content, offers and engage your potential clients? “The money is in the list” as the old saying goes. Let us help you build an emailing list with qualified and responsive leads.  Over time you will get a valuable list of leads relevant for your business. If your business is online, then you need to start making a list of your future clients. Without building a list it is very hard for you to build a relationship with the leads and win their trust. Start building a list with us today.

Make online competitions

Do you want to get more likes on your Facebook page or simply collect leads for your emailing list then let us run your next online competition.  We come with ideas and build the competition page making sure that you collect the information you need from the participants.

Find new clients via Facebook

Do you want to advertise on Facebook? Let us help you run your next Facebook campaign, making sure that you get the results you need. Our service includes building a landing page, creating the ad itself and giving you important feedback after the campaign has finished to optimize your marketing budget.

Increase your sales via Google

Let us help setting up your next Google Adwords campaign, maximizing the results you get from the money spend on Google Adwords. We create the ad and a responsive landing page that helps achieving the goals set out for your campaign.

Create great landing pages

Do you get enough leads from the traffic your website has? Let us help making some efficient landing pages, optimizing the results you get from the traffic your website. It is important that you collect information about your visitors in order to engage them, be that signing up for a news letter or just submitting their contact details for your sales people.

Let us call your leads

So you have your leads and want to contact them? We have very skilled telemarketing call centers in Denmark, Poland and Lithuania that engages your leads and deliver the results you need. We can book meetings, sell services or products or invite your leads to seminars. And much more. By giving your leads a call we make sure that all the hard work and money used to collecting the leads is converted into business for you.

Update your Social Media pages

When did you update your social media pages last time? Take a look at your Facebook page or Twitter page right now, and ask yourself if getting help here might give you better results. We can call you every week to create some interesting stories about your company, employees or services/products that might interest your clients. This way you can focus on something else, we just tell the stories that is already happening around you.

Create great email campaigns

So you have collected the leads and all the email addresses but need help to create an efficient email campaign? We are up for the challenge and can help you getting results by creating content that engages your leads. Using professional software we track the efficiency of each campaign, making your marketing budget much more efficient.

Need more sales staff?

You have the leads and the sales meetings is in the calendar, but you need help to conduct the actual sales? We can assist our clients with sales in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and other countries if needed. Our staff is experienced sales people that loves to make presentations and sell. We work commission based or for a fixed price, all depending on the products you offer. Our business is results. That is what you pay for.

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