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Tips for Telesales

Tips for Telesales

For every business to survive there should be a good Telesales department that timely markets its products and services in a satisfactory way. Indeed we are living in a very competitive world where every business or company needs to be vigilant enough and market their own products more effectually.
In doing this, one is likely to increase the sales revenue and in the long run increase the company’s profit margins too. For quite some time, Telesales was reserved to those people operating large businesses in countries like Russia, Poland, Denmark, Lituania, USA or Great Britain. However, the trend has changed in the recent times and you will find even small and medium sized enterprises marketing their own businesses and products via phone calls.
Telesales is thought to be a modern and satisfactory way in which the potential clients are contacted and products and services offered to them. One of the factors that have largely contributed to this type of business approach is the drastic developments in ICT. Day in day out, we have been witnessing new developments in Information technology especially in the new software approaches associated with it. Telesales just involves the process in which the one engaged in marketing of the business products and services takes an initiative of conducting various potential customers to access different products and services on offer. The Telesales agent has a responsibility of ensuring that he reaches out to the intended clients within the stipulated time. He will not only identify the right customer or client from a large number but he will also ensure that the potential client gets educated on the product or service on offer to enable them make an informed decision on whether to buy the product or not.

Looking at the duties, services and responsibilities of a Telesales agent anywhere in the world whether in the USA, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Lituania, Denmark or in Poland, you will discover that it is a challenging job that needs someone who is quite disciplined and committed. Perhaps it is significant to look at some of the tips that a good Telesales agent should use in wooing more customers to buy the products. Just like any other task, Telesales should be is an exercise that needs proper planning. One of the biggest challenges that one is likely to come across is how to overcome the “gatekeeper”.
Remember there are times that you as a telemarketer will want to market and sale goods and services to the main man in that prospective company or corporate. In doing this, there are some barriers that you are likely to meet on the way. The biggest barrier in this case is the receptionist, secretary or personal assistant to the senior officers in the company normally known as the decision makers. There is always a higher chance that every phone call will go to the receptionist or the secretary first, before being rerouted to the senior most people or the decision maker in the organization. Here are a few tips you may want to put into consideration on how you can make calls and by pass gatekeepers and reach the decision makers with ease. Before critically looking at how to make cold calls and by pass the adamant gatekeepers, it is essential that you understand what Telesales entails.
It should be understood that Telesales is a customer service responsibility that needs proper planning. This means that the telemarketer should generate a lead list and carefully determine when he/she would call different prospective clients. In doing this, you as a telemarketer, should remember the different times to make the call. There are some clients who can be reached only during morning hours while others may be available all through. The Telesales agent should take time and reschedule on the different times that the clients would be available in the office.

In his planning, the agent should also determine the following:

1. What to be included and omitted in his or her call script
2. Careful selection of wording in the opening and closing call script so that the script can cater for diverse clients whether in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Lituania, USA, Russia, Ukraine or any other country.
3. Determine whether you are making a cold call or a telesales call.

More so, if it is a cold call, it should sound to be clear and straightforward. The general rule in the call preparation is that:

1. The caller, who in this case is the telemarketer, should have a good understanding of the product or the service he is dealing with.
2. Have a positive mental approach when making the call
3. Expect some kind of resistance from gatekeepers that he/she is going to converse with during the initial call.

A handful of telemarketers worldwide may claim that they have opened a new cold call successfully, bypassed the gatekeeper, and made an offer to the decision maker without having great listening and interactive skills. These 2 qualities will help you capture the interest of the client towards your product. Once you note that the client is interested in your product, proceed and educate the client concerning the services and products on offer. This is one of the critical moments during the Telesales exercise that only the sharp marketers capitalize on, to make a sale.

You will be given a few seconds to explain the main objective of calling; and should therefore be straightforward to the point, use the best language and wording in explaining the purpose of the call. If you can be able to do this, then you can be sure to win more clients whether you are working as a telemarketer in Lithuania or Ukraine.
Another important attribute that the Telesales agents should apply when going about their business is the need for them to remain focused with clear cut objectives during the call. If allowed to talk to senior officers, you should remain very much focused and explain your mission blending it with your client’s interests within a short time. Avoid being swayed into another subject that is not related to the main objective of selling the product or service. While doing this, the telemarketer should also remain gentle, polite, and courteous and exude confidence. These characters would increase the chances of the telemarketer making a sale.

As prior pointed out in this article, in Telesales the biggest challenge is how to successfully make a call and by pass a “gatekeeper.” Doing this might not be that easy unless the telemarketer employs a few professional techniques. Of course some of them have been earlier mentioned but one thing that should be remembered is that as a telemarketer you are likely to make very many cold calls in attempt to access new clients. In doing this, be understanding especially when you come across an obstinate gatekeeper that denies you a chance of talking to seniors. Understand that they are also just obeying orders from above and if you could be in their position you could do the same too. To make a breakthrough, the telemarketer should be able to incorporate 2 important aspects while handling the clients: 

1. Start by ascertaining whether you will really get a chance of expressing your product for a sale or not.
2. Do not be focused on making the sell only if the recipient is hard on you, but rather, on the possibility of creating an opportunity to sell.

Another very important technique that should be used while making cold calls for the first time is the telemarketer should be relaxed then focus on how best to begin the sale procedure rather than focusing on how it will end. This is very important because it will help you as the Telesales agent gain confidence and also win the confidence of the client you are dealing with. To attain this, you should adapt the right tone and boldness right from the start of the call to the end.
As you make the call, you should also be in the forefront of detecting any pressure from the call and cooling it down. The purpose of the call for you would be, to ensure that you create and maintain rapport with the client then eventually sell the product or service to him. You should therefore take control of the call making sure that there is no dead air at particular instances while talking to the client. During the call, you should also remain professional by asking a variety of questions that may be of great importance to the client; this will reflect you as a professional and caring partner. At the start of the call, you can ask Yes and No questions but as the conversation goes on, you should ask probing questions.
These will help the client to open up to you, thus, give will give you a chance to answer their respective queries and close the sale. Encourage your clients to ask you open ended questions too so that you can help them understand the importance and uses of the products and services that you are rendering to them.

Never make a Telesales call unless you ascertain that you have full information regarding the product or service that you want to sell. This means, you should also research your competitors, so that you can have enough grounds while selling the product to a resisting and or, skeptical client. If you have full product information you will also gain confidence and will be able to express yourself confidently explaining the need for the clients to buy your products or services. At times you will need to book an appointment with the clients in advance so that you can avoid last minute frustrations with “gatekeepers”.
One other very important thing that you should remember is to make sure that you make a follow up. Any successful telemarketer will ensure that he makes follow ups on all the clients that he/she had earlier called. This builds confidence in your customers, and they will see you as responsible thus relate the same feeling to your product. Finally, it would be essential that you understand the only 3 factors that distinguish top Telesales representatives from average ones:

1.Listening communication skills
2.Persuasive skills
3.Psychological belief system

These 3 facets of communication, determines whether or not you will make a sale in that call. It is important that you prepare yourself before making the call. Research about the company you are calling and try to identify their expectations and how they generally run their company contingent to your proposal to them.
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