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Marketing in Russia

Marketing in Russia (June 2013)

Marketing in Russia


Russia has an overwhelming 140 million consumers, making them one of the most promising markets for exporters and investors in the world. There are many marketing opportunities in the country from different industry sectors including construction, automotive, apparel, electronics, aviation and many more. Russia has a big potential for economic growth along with Eastern Europe. High tech sector including software is developing fast in the country, making it easier for companies like Dania International and Agencia Marketing Russia&Europe to operate in the country.

Russia is gaining momentum in attracting both foreign and domestic investors. One of the reasons why it is good to do business in Russia is that it has a high demand for consumer goods coming from a large educated middle class. The country also attracts more business to grow as it has highly-skilled and educated human resource pool. This pool of talents will make good contributions to any company they will be serving. Another factor that makes the country suitable for doing business is its unique geographical position. It creates a link between Europe and Asia. This strategic location gives Russia worldwide sea routes including three of the four world oceans. It has major functioning airport hubs. Plus, its geography offers building effective international and domestic supply market chains. All these and the large consumer market of Russia makes the country a good place to run a business.

Marketing Companies’ Contribution in Marketing in Russia

There is no question that Russia has a large market. However, the challenge is how to penetrate and do well when it comes to marketing in Russia. The country is not as new when it comes to capitalism and free markets. Conducting a business in Russia is not as easy compared to other countries. But recent reforms have been made for foreign investors to operate in the country. Another challenge is the language, for instance, English is not widely spoken, especially in major cities. To communicate effectively with the people in the Russian market, it is best to have marketing agencies to help you out. Trusted marketing companies that cater the Russian market include Dania International and Agencia Marketing Russia&Europe. You can expect these companies to know the Russian market and what is the best means to get to them, to engage them and to finally make them buy or patronize your product and services. It is recommended that any firms engaged in infrastructure development to interact and build networks with international marketing agencies.

Dania International is trusted when it comes to marketing in Russia. They provide a variety of marketing services. One of which is telemarketing which allows you a more personalize approach to your customers. The marketing company has years of experience in telemarketing. Dania International is equipped with modern facilities with high standards of service from its employees. Their team managers have more than two decades of experience with proven track records from numerous projects worldwide. The marketing agency also offers digital marketing services including Social Media marketing using platforms like Facebook to promote and engage the Russian market. Dania International also provides Search Engine Marketing to ensure that your website has a strong online presence by having high ranking search engines like Google. This also works with content marketing and online marketing. Having Dania International as a part of your marketing strategy is definitely a must to the Russian market climate. To be successful in marketing in Russia, you would need an expert’s help.

Another leading marketing agency in Russia is Agencia Marketing Russia&Europe. This marketing agency focused in helping foreign investors get into the Russian market. It makes marketing in Russia way easier for any company. It offers website building in Russian so you can reach out to your potential consumers in Russia. Other marketing services include social media marketing, pay per click marketing, marketing catalog and marketing consultancy services including market research.

Online Marketing in Russia

Both Dania International and Agencia Marketing Russia&Europe have more services doing marketing online. This is one thing any company should know about Russian market. The country has millions of internet users. It is even found that Russia is the second most used language in the internet. This shows that the country has a large internet audience which means businesses can reach out to many of its potential consumers through the internet. The catch here is that with the large number of website competing in the internet it would be a challenge to attain high page rankings so your market can find you. The solution to this problem is none other than digital marketing as offered by Dania International and Agencia Marketing Russia&Europe. For instance, Search Engine Marketing make sure that search engines will find your website so you would ranked higher in their pages or dominate their pages making it easier for people to find you and ultimately avail of the products or services you have to offer. Dania International also makes use of Social Media Marketing through which you can interact or do lead generations to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Future of Marketing in Russia

Aside from Dania International and Agencia Marketing Russia&Europe, there are other trusted marketing and advertising agencies that reach out to the Russian market. Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency is another marketing company in Russia which aims to help international brands enter the Russian market and help them find their place. More SEO companies are also emerging with the growth of internet users. Russian Marketer highlights the latest trends in online marketing including search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency also offers internet promotion sites. When it comes to website promotion, the leading company is Optimism founded in the year 2000.

Marketing in Russia will continue to thrive as more investors are getting into its market. Marketing is an important aspect in any business especially in Russia where there is a large yet more to explore kind of market. It would take more marketing efforts to overcome the challenges in the Russian market. As more and more Russian are going online, marketing agencies are offering marketing tools through the internet to get to any company’s target market.


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