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Marketing in Lithuania

Marketing in Lithuania

Background of Lithuania’s Market

Lithuania enjoys a fast growing economy. The private sector of the country is credited for more than 80% of the country’s GDP. There are two factors that give strength to this growth rate. First is that Lithuania has a strong domestic consumption. Second, Lithuania gains it from investments. Many foreign investors are choosing the country since it offers attractive incentives for investors in the form of Lithuania’s Free Economic Zones and Industrial Parks. Another attractive feature of Lithuania is its geographic location which gives easy access to EU and CIS markets. The country also boasts of a large talent pool. It is easier for foreign investors to interact with the people in the country as most of graduates learn more than two languages aside from being fluent in English. Having quality workforce does not come at a big price in Lithuania. The country is known for its cost-effectiveness and flexibility in labor. Labor costs in Lithuania are four times lesser than the EU average and rental cost is low plus Lithuania is one of the most flexible employment markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Two of the largest cities in Lithuania, Vilnius and Kaunas belonged to the top ten most cost-effectiveness cities in Europe.

As part of the Baltic region, Lithuania together with Estonia and Latvia, has opportunities in different sectors, particularly in energy as new power plants are built in Lithuania, education, biotechnology, shared services and business process outsourcing like Dania International and CSC Baltic, transport infrastructure and many more.

Lithuania’s Modern Marketing: Marketing through the Internet

Lithuania is also a haven to many businesses related to ICT as this country is the leading ICT framework. It has helped a lot in marketing agencies like Dania International, Sorbum Group, BusinessLT, and Publicum. The country with its world-class ICT infrastructure has made enterprises competitive in the business environment. Businesses will run smoothly as it also has the fastest internet speed in the world.

This country with 3 million has 2.2 million internet users which means internet is widely used in the country this is the reason why marketing agencies have shifted its focus online. Most marketing agencies offer services which cater to online consumers. Dania International, Sorbum Group, BusinessLT, and Publicum have provided various supports to help businesses grow by taking advantage of the large audience in the internet. Search engine market has been very popular in Lithuania with Google grabbing 96% share and mixture of Bing, Yahoo and other smaller search engines. Another reason why internet is now an important tool in marketing is the number of mobile devices like smartphones, iPhone and tabs. Young professionals and company CEOs are the main users of these mobile devices which mean there is a lucrative market as users are high earners. The popularity of social networks also paved the way for social media marketing. Facebook users continue to increase. Charlie Pizza a chain of restaurant gained a lot from marketing its brand in Facebook. is another site to take advantage of. Dania International launches sweepstakes and competitions on Facebook or other popular social media sites to generate leads for a project. Sorbum Group, BusinessLT, and Publicum also do the same. Aside from search engine marketing and social media marketing, there are other marketing services that utilize the internet. Ecommerce is also gaining popularity in Lithuania. Those who want to do well in their industry should take advantage of lead generation like what Dania International offers to its clients.

Dania International is a world-class marketing agency which caters not only market in Lithuania, but also in Denmark, Russia and Poland. Vilnius is a home to its marketing office and call center. Dania International also takes advantage with Lithuania’s advanced ICT infrastructure having modern facilities and the latest software. The agency offers several marketing services. Its telemarketing service is top class having team managers who have 20 years experience in the field. Other services utilize the power of the internet which is especially applicable in Lithuania where most people use the internet. Other services of Dania International include Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Street Marketing.

Sorbum Group is another leading marketing and advertising company in Baltic region. Publicum is also among the trusted PR and marketing agency in Lithuania with an office situated in Vilnius. Aside from marketing, the company also offers services in public relations, event organization and consultation. BusinessLT is not only a marketing agency but it also caters to different services like legal services and accountancy. However, it has a strong marketing division which offers marketing research, marketing strategy, logo design, brand image, communication, media services, production and campaign analysis. All these are top marketing agencies but if you want to have more focus on marketing through the internet, Dania International is more focus in doing these marketing services.

The Future of Marketing in Lithuania

Lithuania’s market is doing extremely well. There are many happy consumers to whom you can sell products or services. But to stay on top of the competition, it is best to know what the latest trend in marketing is. The country being advanced in technology specifically having a large number of internet users and with high speed access to it makes marketing online very advantageous. Although, it is very easy for anyone to create his own website, the challenge is how to be on the front among thousands of websites online. This is where marketing agencies like Dania International comes in. Such marketing agencies provide SEO services to do better in search engines, Social Media Marketing with lead generations, content marketing and so many more.

As the internet welcomes more and more platform and ways to interact to each other, it is expected that marketing in Lithuania will continue to adapt to the latest trend in the internet. One could expect a lot from a country with an advanced ICT infrastructure. Lithuania enjoys a very friendly economy for foreign investors. The future looks bright for Lithuania, its economy, investments and even for marketing agencies who will guarantee that a company will get to its consumers and convert them.


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