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Marketing in Poland

Marketing in Poland

Poland has gained its place in the world’s dynamic market since its transition to a market-driven economy more than two decades ago. The country with over 38 million people owns a large market attracting foreign investors. Polish government has attracted more investments with its reforms that have enhanced the environment for private business to thrive. Today Polish public have big opportunities for various sectors including automotive, information technology, food products, transportation, financial services, appliances and paper production. Aside from these industry sectors, Poland has also become a favorable location for call centers, shared services centers such as Dania International and research development.

There are many factors that led to Poland being an attractive place for investments. It has a talented pool of workforce, its location is closed to European Union’s major markets and political stability has made the country a place where business flourishes. Warsaw and Krakow are the top two largest cities in Poland where a huge number of the population resides. One of those who invest in these cities is Dania International. Those who lived in the urban side have greater purchasing powers than those in the rural side. To gain success in marketing in Poland, it usually entails agents like Dania International, MVF Global Customer Acquisition and IAB Europe.

Marketing Conditions of Poland in the 21st century

Television has been an effective media to reach out to Poland’s consumer market. However during the 21st century, the internet has also become an important medium to reach out to consumers. Today, many businesses have been going online as they recognized that many consumers are going online to find what they want or what they need. This is why marketing in Poland has largely turned to the internet as well.

There are now a number of agencies like Dania International, MVF Global Customer Acquisition and IAB Europe that can assist foreign or local investors in marketing their services or products in Poland. Dania International is a marketing company with an office situated in Warsaw. It offers marketing services to its clients providing telemarketing, social media marketing, street marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing and content marketing. It is an international company that also offers services in other countries including Denmark, Lithuania and Russia. MVF Global Customer Acquisition is another agency that can help in reaching out to consumers in Poland. The company is founded in London but it caters to the Polish market, as well, specifically it offers B2B lead generations. IAB Europe, specifically IAB Poland, is another agency that offers interactive advertising and digital marketing in Poland. As one might notice, these marketing firms have focused on marketing online which can also be coined as digital marketing. This can be attributed from the fact that Poland has 22.4 million users and continues to grow. It has an estimated worth of $519 million in its internet advertising market. Companies have recognized the opportunity in reaching online audience that can lead to bigger profits as Polish audience have turned to the internet for searching, communicating and shopping. Dania International and MVF Global Customer Acquisition have also focused on social media as the Polish people are also using social networking sites. Even 49 year olds are using social media sites in the country. In Poland, Facebook has averaged more than 4 billion page views per month with over more than 6.2 million users only. Twitter and LinkedIn are also popular social media sites in Poland.

Another reason as to the growth of online marketing is the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tabs that has high speed internet access. This is another marketing opportunity to grab as many consumers are sharing, finding whatever content they want using their mobile phones. To learn more of how to do marketing in this medium, it is best to team up with marketing agencies like Dania International, MVF Global Customer Acquisition and IAB Europe.

Aside from online marketing in Poland, another flourishing industry sector is business process outsourcing. According to British Polish Chamber of Commerce, a number of new BPO players in Poland keep on increasing. Poland has attracted many foreign investors because of its low wages and well-educated and highly motivated pool of workforce especially from fresh graduates. Graduates have multilingual skills aside from English making them a great asset to this sector. Companies like Dania International are one of the BPO companies which have a marketing office in Warsaw. Krakow and Wroclaw are also haven for first-wave of investments in this sector.

Foreign investment is the core of Poland’s economic transformation. Foreign companies like Dania International and MVF Global Customer Acquisition are just two of the many foreign companies that invested in the country. Foreign investment is widely accepted as not only the source of finance but at the same time the means of technology transfer, human resource development and Polish integration into global supply chains and Research and Development according to United States of America’s Department of Commerce in its Country Commercial Guide 2012. The National Bank of Poland reported that the country attracted an estimated $200 billion in foreign direct investment. There are many reasons why it is good to do business in Poland. One of which is that Poland has a dynamic local market and foreign companies can enjoy unrestricted access to its over 38 million people. Its laws and regulations are very friendly to investors, no wonder it ranked sixth in UNCTAD’s 2011 World Investment Report in making FDI priority. Furthermore, to enhance the conditions for foreign and local investment, Poland has introduced consecutive reforms.

Marketing in Poland In a Nutshell

There is no doubt that Poland has a very attractive climate for investment. It has the right people and a supportive government to do business. In a country like Poland, marketing is a big plus to make consumers patronize you. Now, Polish market is shifting online. This is why marketing agencies in Poland like Dania International offer several online marketing services such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. While Poland itself has a large market, companies still need boosts to get to their consumers.


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